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Address of adult toy store in Hanoi

quantri 25/08/2021

Address of adult toy store in Hanoi

You are a tourist, you are living and working in Hanoi or other big cities in Vietnam, you are in need of buying sex toys but do not know where to buy them, the quality is guaranteed. say or not. Please contact us immediately, for adults in Hanoi.

Currently we combine with shipping units, can send goods to all provinces in Vietnam.

Address of adult toy store in Hanoi for foreigners.
Address: Nguyen Khang Alley – Cau Giay – Hanoi.

Hotline: 0971 536 996
Zalo: 0971 536 996


Contact  WhatsApp : +84971536996

Map directions via Map here

We specialize in providing adult toys including:

Shop sextoy tại Hà Nội

Adult toys for women.

Prosthetic penis:

  • There are models of hand-held dildos, wall-mounted models, used for masturbation

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Underwear for women:

  • Including sexy models, bedroom items, sexy lace suits to increase the stimulation for love.


  • Models of bindings, blindfolds, handcuffs, mouthguards, masochist toys, whips, and soft ropes create a sense of rough strength.

Vaginal and Anal Massager Machine:

  • Vibrator models, G-spot vibrator, vagina, and vulva stimulate female body pleasure points with multi-function.

Samples of love vibration eggs:

  • There are nipple stimulation vibrating eggs, tongue licking, vaginal vibrating vibrators, G-spot with control support or direct manual use for intense female sensations.

Adult toys for Men.

False Vagina:

  • There are models with different sizes, suitable for men from countries such as Europe, Africa, Asia, full variety of models.
  • Full range of functions from handheld to vibrating models, doll-like or real people
  • Convenient hand-held masturbation cups, including vibration and tight-fitting functions, bring the real feeling of having sex between men and women.
  • Vaginal models have bust models, women’s butt samples have super beautiful breasts.

Samples of condoms, or samples of lubricating gel during sex

  • We provide high quality condoms, there are ultra-thin models, models with spikes, beards that bring excitement during sex.
  • Lubricating gel samples: There are samples directly imported from Japan, Korea and USA, and produced by Vietnam, with quality inspection papers.
  • Water-based gel samples, colorless, odorless gels create a smooth feeling for easy sex shop

Sex toys for Gay , Les , LGBT

We also now offer same-sex products such as Popper rush, gay anal toys, anal stimulation massagers.

Sex toys for lesbians such as: Penis with strap, penis samples, vibrating eggs for vaginal stimulation, cunt.

Physiological aids for men and women:

  • Includes erotic perfume samples, stimulating the partner’s desire ability
  • Samples of male enhancement pills
  • The drug models prolong sex for men, helping to have sex for a longer time, achieving more effective quality.
  • Types of penis vibrating rings for men, make love more exciting, avoid premature ejaculation in men
  • For more information about sex toy products, please connect directly to the store’s map or contact directly via phone number or online means such as Zalo , Facebook of the store.

Very pleased to serve you.Thanks you

(note : The article is made on Google’s translation tool, many words are not clear, please understand, Thank you very much, looking forward to serving you.) Protection Status

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